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Who Is Jet Xavier

Jet Xavier is Australia’s leading elite performance mental skills and mindset coach in the real estate sales industry. He is a leading speaker, presenter, trainer and writer who has conducted over 2500 elite performance mental skills and mindset coaching, mentoring and training sessions with various agents and major agencies across Australia and overseas.
Jet’s BE – LIVE – SELL message is designed to create a personal revolution for sales agents and principals in their business and life to increase success at every level.

Jet is a pioneer in the Real Estate industry as his training and coaching techniques bring the latest neuroscience, positive psychology and elite performance models to agents and principals.

Jet understands what it takes to be successful. He is a former heroin addicted homeless street kid from Kings Cross Sydney.

He left school and home at 14 and spent most of his teenage years homeless on the streets of Kings Cross, Sydney. At 17, Jet was found dying in a park from a heroin overdose; his girlfriend lay dead next to him. Jet survived, was charged with manslaughter and faced eight years in prison. After a short stint in prison and a two-year wait on bail he was found not guilty of manslaughter and given a fresh chance at starting his life again.

His time on the violent streets of Kings Cross involved in the drugs and crime world taught him about resilience and never giving up. His story is also a powerful message of how one can overcome severe adversity and recover to become a great success in life and business.

"Hardship does not develop character it exposes it."

It took Jet some time to recover from his ordeal and a number of years before he found his feet and pathway in life. He had a passion for people and music so he spent the early 90s as a professional speaker and recording musician touring Australia working with Para church organisations and community groups. He shared his story with more than 150,000 young people in high schools, universities and prisons inspiring them to always believe in themselves and never give up.

In the mid -90s Jet went back to Kings Cross as a crisis counsellor, youth outreach worker and youth case manager; he worked with hundreds of the hardest and most disadvantaged young adults in Australia teaching them success principles and helping them get back on the road to a new life.

In 2001 Jet moved out of youth work and into the fitness industry. An eight year career followed as one of Sydney’s leading personal trainers. He helped elite athletes, celebrities and others to achieve optimum health and fitness.

Jet himself is a health fanatic and vegetarian who love’s competing in ocean-swimming and keeping in great shape. He has done half-marathons, triathlons and many adventure races. In 2003 Jet did a solo endurance cycle ride from Sydney to Melbourne for Young People Living with Cancer, raising thousands of dollars in the process.

After success in the fitness industry Jet moved into the personal development coaching industry as a life coach, leadership coach, team-building consultant and motivational speaker working with multimillion-dollar companies and individuals.

For the last couple of years Jet has become Australia’s leading elite performance mental skills and mindset coach in the real estate sales industry where he has become a leading speaker, presenter, trainer and writer.

He has spoken at major Real Estate conferences sharing the stages with the likes of Jason Boon, Charles Tarbey, Mat Steinwede, Tom Panos, Chris Gilmour, Glen Twiddle, Josh Phegan, Damien Cooley, Geoff Baldwin, Danny Hayes and many others.

He writes a regular popular column for the national Elite Agent Magazine and is a regular contributor to the online program for agents REUNCUT.

He is also an author and main contributor to the international bestselling book The Millionaire Motivators.

He is the creator of the online Elite performance training program called my real estate mastermind and has worked with and interviewed the best in life, business, sport and real estate to unlock the key secrets to Elite performance.


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